Declarações de Privacidade

This privacy policy applies to the Association for Heritage Preservation of the Americas (APOYOnline).

Your privacy and security are important to us. Most of the website can be accessed without providing any personal information. We occasionally need more details, for example to become an APOYOnline member or to take part in our events, for example to ensure you have access to your membership or so we can contact you again, or for statistical purposes that ultimately help us get further funding. You can edit your membership information whenever you are logged in to your account. 

None of the information you provide to us will ever be sold to a third party but might be necessary for our volunteers to complete their tasks or might be accessed by third party site maintenance companies.

APOYOnline’s website has many hyperlinks connected to other organisations but we are not responsible for these external websites. We do however appreciate getting your feedback if any link is broken. For any questions or comments contact us at

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