2023: Regional Stewardship Summit

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APOYOnline organized the 2023 Regional Stewardship Summit on October 28, 2023.

A selected group of  42 participants from our heritage preservation community from 17 countries participated in this one-day virtual summit. We discussed APOYOnline’s role, future activities, and how to continue building sustainable preservation in the region. All participants strongly validated our mission and values.

Our primary objective was to nurture community engagement for the sustainable benefit of cultural heritage and natural resources in the region through APOYOnline activities.

The event was generously supported by the Mellon Foundation and was not open to the public. To ensure an active exchange of ideas, we limited the number of participants from each country, which included emerging professionals, students, and professionals from key networks within the region. The discussion groups were facilitated by moderators and were conducted in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, depending on the participants’ preferences.

The topics discussed included Mentoring program; Oral history initiative; Future regional conferences; Community engagement; Professional development; Fundraising; Innovation; and ther sustainable regional activities. 

We are very grateful for the participants’ active engagement and thoughtful suggestions, strengthening our network and regional collaborations.

See the full program and participants below: