Marco para la Preservación del CCI

A wall chart entitled “Framework for the Preservation of Museum Collections” created by the Canadian Conservation Institute (CCI) in 1994 was translated into Spanish and Portuguese by APOYOnline volunteers through a joint agreement with the CCI. The poster contains the preventive conservation methodology developed by the Preventive Conservation Services Division of the CCI. It is used to guide an institution in the process of doing an assessment of the agents of deterioration that threaten the collections. These agents of deterioration are ranked in descending order from the most devastating and fastest acting to the ones that will give staff more time to act. The wall chart outlines also the steps that must be taken to prevent the deterioration.

In 1999, the wall chart printed on one side in English and on the other side in Spanish was distributed by the Smithsonian Center for Materials Research and Education (SCMRE), free of charge to over 4,000 APOYOnline members. Donations of synthetic paper by Yupo Corporation of Virginia and the printing by Reese Press of Baltimore, Maryland made this project possible.

In 2017 the CCI issued a revised version with the title “Framework for Preserving Heritage Collections: Strategies for Avoiding or Reducing Damage”. APOYOnline was granted the copyright to translate it into Spanish and Portuguese. It was printed again on synthetic paper donated by Yupo Corporation of Virginia and the printing was done with the support of the Mellon Foundation.

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