Emergency Preparedness and Response

2024 Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil

APOYOnline – Association for the Preservation of the Heritage of the Americas, in solidarity, promotes an international campaign in the United States and Canada to donate conservation materials to the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. These materials will serve institutions with collections that were – and still are – impacted by the floods. The immediate work is to save and adequately store the collections, for their later recovery. We are in contact with Brazilian authorities in Washington, D.C. (USA) – in addition to other government entities, such as museums, archives, libraries, and administrative entities in Rio Grande
do Sul – to coordinate efforts and facilitate the transfer of these donated products to the institutions.
APOYOnline provides up-to-date technical information in Portuguese and Spanish for rescuing material damaged by water.

Access the translated texts:

For material requests, write to info@apoyonline.org or contact via WhatsApp: +1 301 873-3900


UD Art Conservation: How to restore flood-damaged photos (Font: Debbie Hess Norris, 2024)
Salvage of water damaged Photographs (Font: Debbie Hess Norris, 2024)