2016: Medelin, Colombia



(2016) Conference Annoucement

APOYOnline – Association for Heritage Preservation of the Americas, Inc. is pleased to announce the 1st APOYOnline Heritage Preservation Regional Conference in Medellín, Colombia from August 30 to September 2, 2016. The theme of the meeting is: “Heritage Preservation in the Americas: Practical Exchanges & Upcoming Projects”, which will provide thought-provoking presentation sessions, discussions groups and posters about current and future heritage preservation projects in the Latin American and Caribbean regions. 

The 1st APOYOnline Heritage Preservation Regional Conference aims to strengthen the networks of conservation professionals that already exist and to foster professional communication networks through personal contacts between conservators of the Western hemisphere. It aims to foster professional development in the Americas and allow for hands-on training through a four-day Workshop on Photographic Conservation, Fundraising & Advocacy, offered by Debbie Hess Norris, Chairperson, Art Conservation Program from the University of Delaware, USA.  This is an opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of including conservation of photographs, fundraising and advocacy in the management plan of cultural institutions in Latin America

While the workshop will be offered in English, APOYOnline will contribute with the translation of the teaching material and technical notes into Spanish and Portuguese.

The meeting will take place at the Banco de La Republica in Medellín. The Banco de la República, central Bank of Colombia, has an experience of over 80 years in the protection and management of cultural heritage, as its extensive cultural activity in the country includes the Gold Museum (Museo del Oro), the Luis Angel Arango Library and National Network of Libraries in 28 cities, the Casa de Moneda (Mint Museum), Botero Museum, the Numismatic and Stamp collection, and the Art Museum of the Banco de la Republica. The art collection comprises over 5,000 artworks of Colombian and international artists from an extensive time period, and with a particular focus on Latin American Contemporary Art. Photographic prints of documentary and artistic value are significant components of the cultural heritage that is preserved, stored and displayed in both the Library (opened in 1958) and Art Collection (initiated in 1957).

The workshop will accommodate up to 35 people, and the meeting is open to a larger audience.  APOYOnline invites professional from all over Latin America and the Caribbean to present their work in the field of heritage preservation through papers and posters.  A review committee chaired by members of APOYOnline will make a selection of 10 papers and 10 posters.  Abstracts for presentations and posters will be accepted in Spanish, Portuguese or English.

The meeting reiterates APOYOnline’s missions of building bridges and improving communication among professionals of the Americas. It also builds on the experience that APOYOnline (formerly APOYO) has accumulated over the past 25 years in organizing bi-lingual workshops and publishing technical translations in Spanish and Portuguese to serve as reference tools for conservators from the Latin American and Caribbean region.