Mission / Goals / Vision


APOYOnline is a non-profit organization that promotes communication, exchange and professional development in the field of heritage preservation in the Americas and in Portuguese and Spanish-speaking countries.

Our Goals 

  • To create and nurture cohesive bonds among the conservation and preservation professionals worldwide who are involved in the conservation of the material cultural heritage of the Americas;
  • To promote high standards for the protection of the material cultural heritage of the Americas;
  • To gather and disseminate information on conservation and preservation for the Latin American community in its most commonly used languages.


The preservation of cultural heritage is valued and transformed by individuals and communities empowered through knowledge and connections.

For the Community

  • Empower professionals, students, and the community at large through knowledge;
  • Increase awareness at the regional and individual levels to allow communities to better care for their cultural heritage;
  • Connect the cultural heritage preservation community.

For the Organization

  • Remain passionate and committed;
  • Advance professionalism and technical capacity;
  • Expand diversity and inclusion;
  • Provide needed and relevant service to the cultural heritage preservation community.

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