Scholarships and Grants

For Professionals:

APOYOnline has been working closely with several organizations that have allowed over 1,200 qualified individuals from Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe to attend professional events in the USA and Canada since 1992. These grants were initially funded by the Getty Grant Program and the Getty Conservation Institute (USA), the Vitae Foundation (Brazil), the Andes Foundation (Chile), and the Antorchas Foundation (Argentina). Currently, all funding comes exclusively from the Getty Grant Program and is administered by the Foundation of the American Institute for Conservation.

These scholarships have connected cultural heritage professionals and given them the opportunity to not only promote their ideas and cultures, further training opportunities, but have also helped develop closer ties and friendships.

Want to contribute to these efforts? You can donate  to the Toby Raphael and José Orraca Memorial Funds.

For Latin American Institutions:

APOYOnline established awards for Latin American institutions with the help of manufacturers and distributors of conservation products: Gaylord, Hollinger Metal Edge, MuseuM Services Corporation and University Products. Each of these companies donated US$1,500.00 in their products to institutions that excelled in caring for their collections, even when coping with difficult economic circumstances. The donation included the cost of transportation to the airport closest to the location of the award recipient.

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