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 Newsletter History:

Starting in 1990, APOYO produced, printed and distributed a newsletter consisting of one or two issues a year. For 17 years it was the only continuous publication, on conservation issues reaching the wide Spanish and Portuguese speaking audience of the Americas, the Caribbean, Portugal and Spain. It was co-edited and produced by Amparo R. de Torres and Ann Seibert, in collaboration with a group of volunteers from various countries who identified material for newsletter publication and sent it to the editors. This material included articles, future events, training opportunities, and other news of interest. Translations into Spanish and Portuguese were completed as necessary. The incoming mail containing requests for names to be added to the database was forwarded to the ICCROM in Rome for continuous updating. From 1994 to 2001, the paper printing and mail distribution of the newsletter was made possible by the generous support of the Smithsonian Museum Conservation Institute (SCMRE, formerly known as CAL).

In 1999, APOYO developed a web site ( hosted by Imaginario, (sponsored by the Instituto Provincial de la Cultura in Mendoza, Argentina).  For several years there was also a mirror web site at ( hosted by SOLINET, the Southeastern Library Network, Inc. in Atlanta, GA, USA.

Due to changes in administration and budget cuts at the Smithsonian Institution, in 2001 APOYO stopped receiving the support for printing and distribution of the directory and the newsletter in paper format. After 2001, the publication continued in electronic format only.  APOYO’s Boletín 13:1, 2003 was the last issue of the Newsletter published in electronic format.