AIC Conference, Los Angeles May 2022.
AIC Conference, Los Angeles May 2022.


APOYOnline – Association for Heritage Preservation of the Americas, Inc. is pleased to announce our 4th Regional Conference, which will be entirely virtual and take place from November 12-15, 2021. The conference will be the first ever for students and emerging professionals in Latin America with the theme “Connect, Empower, Transform: a Conference for Students and Emerging Professionals in Cultural Heritage.”

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Post-Conference Report: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2019

From September 23-27, 2019, 216 heritage professionals from eighteen countries1 gathered in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the APOYOnline 30th Anniversary Conference and Workshop on Heritage Preservation: “30 Years Building Bridges & Pathways for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage in the Americas.”

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Manos a la Obra

MANOS A LA OBRA / 30th Anniversary Conference / Rio de Janeiro 2019

The Public Archive of the State of Rio de Janeiro is the body responsible for the management, storage, preservation and dissemination of documents produced by the state government. Created in 1931, the APERJ aims to guarantee full access to information intended to support public administration, citizens in the defense of their rights and to promote the production of scientific and cultural knowledge.

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APOYOnline is a non-profit organization created in 1989 that builds bridges of communication, exchange and professional development between heritage preservation professionals and institutions in the Americas and in Portuguese and Spanish speaking countries.

Mission: APOYOnline is a non-profit organization that promotes communication, exchange and professional development in the field of heritage preservation in the Americas and in Portuguese and Spanish speaking countries.

Misión: APOYOnline es una organización sin ánimo de lucro que promueve la comunicación, el intercambio y el desarrollo profesional en el campo de preservación patrimonial en el continente Americano y en los países hispanos y luso parlantes.

Missão: APOYOnline é uma organização sem fins lucrativos que promove a comunicação, troca e desenvolvimento profissional no campo da preservação do patrimônio nas Américas e em países falantes do português e espanhol.