“Managing Emergencies in Cultural Heritage: Sharing Experiences and Strengthening Networks in the Americas” 

October 2-5, 2018 Antigua, Guatemala

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APOYOnline – Association for Heritage Preservation of the Americas Inc., is pleased to announce the 2nd Regional Conference and Workshops on Heritage Preservation, organized by APOYOnline. It will be held in Antigua, Guatemala from October 2nd to 5th, 2018. The theme of the conference is: “Managing Emergencies in Cultural Heritage: Sharing Experiences and Strengthening Networks in the Americas.”

APOYOnline’s main objective is to strengthen knowledge and skills of professionals in charge of heritage collections (museums, archives, libraries and other institutions), focusing on the importance of risk management, planning, and response and recovery in the context of emergencies related to natural phenomena. The natural disasters that have taken place recently in various Caribbean, Central American, and North American countries bear witness to the threat that these natural disasters pose to the conservation of cultural heritage in these vulnerable regions. Furthermore, they highlight the importance of communication networks among preservation professionals working to mitigate the damage to cultural heritage.

This event will strengthen and foster professional networks through presentations that invite to reflection, posters on projects related to the management of disasters in cultural heritage, and group discussions that promote the exchange of experiences. Additionally, it will foster communication among these professionals, resulting in better prepared and more skilled professionals who will work efficiently to manage the threats posed by natural disasters.

The topics selected for the four-day event are: risk assessment, emergency preparedness, and post-disaster response and recovery. There will be two components to the program: 1) The presentation of selected works by participants as oral presentations or posters, and 2) Training workshops, which will include theoretical modules, practical exercises, and emergency drills. These workshops will be offered by a team of instructors from Brazil, Colombia, and the United States. Additionally, guest speakers will discuss the importance of emergency management in cultural institutions in Latin America and the role of stakeholders, as well as the formation of international alliances.

The conference will be open to attendees as well as speakers and poster presenters. The recommendations resulting from the discussions and presentations will be shared by APOYOnline through the organization’s website and social media accounts (Facebook and Twitter). The use of social media will facilitate the dissemination of the topics discussed during the event.

The conference reflects APOYOnline’s mission to build communication bridges among professionals in the Americas. It is based on the experience that APOYOnline (formerly Apoyo) has accumulated during the past 28 years organizing international events in the region, conducting bilingual workshops, and publishing technical material translated into Spanish and Portuguese, which have become reference tools for conservators in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Languages Used at the Conference

The program will be offered primarily in Spanish, with the exception of some presentations in English and Portuguese, depending on the provenance of the participants. APOYOnline will provide translation when necessary. Likewise, learning materials and technical notes will be provided in said languages.

Exhibitors of Preservation Materials and Services

The conference will include a space dedicated to the exhibition of preservation materials and services, where participants will have access to samples of conservation materials, information about services offered by companies, and will be able to establish direct contact with their representatives.


The conference will take place in Antigua, Guatemala.

Call for Papers

APOYOnline invites professionals to share their work and experiences in the field of preservation of cultural heritage through oral presentations and posters in the topics of risk assessment and emergency management. These include preparation and planning as well as response and recovery after emergencies. The abstracts for the presentations and posters (500 words) may be sent in Spanish, Portuguese, or English.


Inscription Form: All candidates must submit a completed inscription form available at

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV): Candidates must submit their Curriculum Vitae (maximum 3 pages), which can be uploaded through the inscription form link. (File should not exceed 1MB).
  • Photo ID: Candidates must digitally submit a copy of their photo ID, which can be uploaded through the inscription form (File should not exceed 1MB)
  • Abstract: Candidates that wish to apply for a speaker position or wish to present a poster must submit an abstract (500 words maximum), and specify their mode of presentation (oral or poster). The presentation MUST BE ON THE TOPICS OF THE CONFERENCE. The file can be uploaded though the same inscription form link (File should not exceed 1MB).

Selection Process and Criteria for Presentations and Posters

The selection of the candidates for speakers and poster authors will be made by an international selection committee of professionals who are active in the field of conservation and restoration in libraries, archives, museums, and built heritage.

Applicants must:

  • Be qualified professionals in the area of heritage conservation with a minimum of two years of experience, and must be currently employed in a position of leadership, teaching, decision-making, or work in private practice. These criteria must be reflected in the Curriculum Vitae (CV) of each candidate.
  • Submit work related to the theme of the conference.
  • Demonstrate, in writing, how their participation in the conference will contribute to his/her work, and how he/she plans to share and disseminate the knowledge obtained during the conference/workshops with colleagues when returning to his/her country of origin.

Important Dates

December 8, 2017– Call for papers

February 18, 2018– Deadline for paper and poster presentation proposals

End of March, 2018– Final selection of speakers and poster authors. Selected candidates will be informed by email.


Registration fee: US$ 150. This amount can be paid through the link here or the following website: When carrying out the donation, indicate your name and the name of the conference in the designation box. Participants will be responsible for their own travel and accommodation expenses.


APOYOnline is working with sponsors in various countries to offer partial scholarships to cover some of the expenses of the candidates selected to speak or present a poster.

In order to apply for financial assistance (partial scholarships) through APOYOnline, the candidate will be asked to state their financial needs in writing. Candidates are encouraged to seek financial assistance from their institutions or other sources such as personal contributions or local foundations.


This conference has been made possible by the following private and corporate organizations: Tru Vue ® (USA), Universidad de los Andes (Colombia), Casa K’ojom (Guatemala), Lax Travel (Guatemala), and Avianca. APOYOnline will continue to work in securing additional sponsorships to assist selected speakers and poster authors.

Access to the inscription form where candidates may upload the requested documents and information for application: Click on the following links: Click here or through the following link

For more information contact:

Beatriz Haspo

Executive Director

APOYOnline – Association for Heritage Preservation of the Americas

P.O.Box 2525. Rockville, MD 20852 – USA

Past Meetings:

Building Bridges Among Latin America’s Heritage Preservation Professionals

More than 70 heritage preservation professionals from 15 countries, from Central, South, and North America, met during fours intensive days last August in one of Latin America’s cultural hubs: Medellin, Colombia. The city’s major cultural institutions, Banco de la República, and the Biblioteca Pública Piloto, among other museums and archives, opened their doors to the 1st APOYOnline Heritage Preservation Regional Conference, and a Photographic Conservation Workshop. Founded in 1989, APOYOnline is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote communication, exchange and professional development in the field of heritage preservation in the Americas and in Portuguese and Spanish speaking countries,

Addressing the theme of the conference: “Heritage Preservation in the Americas: Practical Exchanges & Upcoming Projects”, speakers, poster presenters, and participants, shared their experiences in conservation practice, education, collections care, and heritage management. The majority of the participants were professionals currently working in public and private institutions − museums, archives, and libraries − in Latin America. The second largest group was university professors and researchers, followed by independent professionals working in private practice and, students currently enrolled in heritage preservation programs across the continent. Altogether, participants represented Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Peru, United States, Uruguay, Venezuela and Spain.

The APOYOnline Conference program included 14 papers, 24 posters, technical visits to museums and archives in Medellin, a public lecture about ‘Preserving Family Photographs”, special guests lectures on ‘Fundamentals of Leadership’ and ‘International Alliances in Latin America for Heritage Preservation Professionals’, exhibits of preservation materials , and a “Vision 2020” session addressing future collaborative opportunities to strengthen and advance APOYOnline.

In addition, participants attended a four half-day workshop on ‘Photograph Conservation, Fundraising, and Advocacy’ led by Debra Hess Norris, Chairperson, Art Conservation Program at the University of Delaware. Originally planned for 25 pre-selected participants, the workshop was opened to all in attendance owing to overwhelming interest. Teaching material were translated in three languages (English-Spanish-Portuguese). The workshop included lectures with simultaneous translation, open discussions, and hands-on work. Technical visits to the photographic archive of the Biblioteca Pública Piloto, inscribed in UNESCO’s Memory of the World Register, enabled participants to study a remarkable collection of 19th -and 20th- century print and negative materials, equipped with low-temperature storage for acetate and nitrate film and a robust digitization program. Additional visits to the Medellin Historical Archives and Museum of Antioquia provided exceptional learning opportunities.

Presentations covered a broad range of subjects in cultural heritage preservation. Topics included the study of conservation and restoration terminology, microbiological prevention, emergency response following natural disasters, procedures for the stabilization of archives and manuscripts, cleaning of rare materials, and, the analysis and conservation treatment of 20th-century ceramic murals. Additionally, a number of presentations addressed photographic conservation practices, challenges, policies, and professional training. Poster presentations documented a variety of topics, from glass plate negatives and audio-visual preservation to training programs in Latin America.

This Conference – the first APOYOnline Conference held in Latin America – inspired many and reinforced the interdisciplinary nature of heritage preservation across the Americas. Participants shared their commitment to further develop the networking and learning opportunities resulting from the conference, and to foster new collaborations. Maribel Chamorro from Peru remarked: “the Conference helped us exchange experiences and to be more in touch with each other, to reach out and consult with each other and organize inter-institutional exchanges.” Another participant, David Cohen from Colombia described his experience as an “invaluable opportunity to connect with professionals from Latin America, to appreciate the work being done elsewhere and to share experiences and challenges.”

The APOYOnline Conference provided a welcoming environment to exchange professional expertise, learning, and extended dialogue among participants. A comprehensive research project between Argentina, Curaçao and the Dominican Republic on the development and testing of gel cleaning systems to clean inorganic supports was launched as a result of this conference.

The commitment of Latin American professionals to preservation is heartfelt and compelling; they are not deterred by limited resources. Many are looking for internship opportunities abroad while seeking to participate in future professional development initiatives in the region. Led by Beatriz Haspo and Amparo Rueda, APOYOnline will continue to embrace the challenges ahead in leading such initiatives to integrate and support professional development and professional exchanges in the region. The second APOYOnline regional Conference is scheduled for 2018!

Tru Vue Inc. was the leading donor to this initiative, providing partial stipends to 30 participants from across Latin America for lodging and registration, and other logistical costs. Additional sponsors supported this conference including from the United States: University of Delaware, RLA Conservation of Art and Architecture, American Institute for Conservation Photographic Materials Group, Image Permanence Institute, Getty Publications, University Products, Hollinger Metal Edge, Gaylord Archival, Peck Stacpoole Foundation, Preservation Technologies, and private donors. From Colombia: Banco de la República, Biblioteca Pública Piloto, Avianca Airlines, Archivo Histórico de Medellin, and Museo de Antioquia. We are grateful to all donors for their strong and sustained commitment to support the field of heritage preservation in Latin America and Caribbean regions.

Conference Program

Workshop Program

List of Posters 


Ingrid Frederick, Head of Communications at APOYOnline. Bachelors in Conservation and Restoration of Movable Cultural Heritage, Universidad Externado de Colombia.

Currently, Candidate to Master’s in World Heritage Studies at BTU-Cottbus, Germany, in World Heritage Studies.

Beatriz Haspo, Executive Manager of APOYOnline.

Collections Officer, Library of Congress, Washington, U.S.A.

APOYOnline’s 25th Anniversary Celebration  in Miami, Florida, May 13th, 2015

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University Products

Rosa Lowinger

Associates Hollinger Metal Edge Inc.