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November 2017:



  • Differential thermal expansion as a cause of salt decay: literature review, experiments, and modelling of micro and macro effects on Ançã limestone. By Teresa Diaz Gonçalves & Vânia Brito.
  • Investigating salt decay of stone materials related to the environment, a case study in the St. James church in Liège, Belgium. By Sebastiaan Godts , Roald Hayen & Hilde De Clercq.
  • ATR-FTIR as a tool for assessing potential for chemical ageing in Spandex/Lycra®/elastane-based fabric collections. By Christopher E. Marjo, Sue Gatenby, Anne M. Rich, Bin Gong & Suzanne Chee.

Past Publications

Newsletter: Digital Print Preservation Portal (DP3) Newsletters Issue 24.

By: Image Permanence Institute.

Notas CCI Digitalizadas

Autor: Instituto Canadiense de Conservación. Editorial: Centro Nacional de Conservación y Restauración. Chile. Año: 1997. Tipo de publicación: Libros.

Newsletter: World of Washi Newsletter

By Hiromi Paper, July 2015.

Newsletter: LATAM Newsletter

April – June 2015. By ICCROM Latinoamérica.

Getty Foundation News – Spring 2015

Newsletter: Pericles Digital Preservation Newsletter

Newsletter: LATAM Newsletter January – March 2015.

GCI Bulletin.

News from the Getty Conservation Institute. February 2015.

Past Webinars & Videos

Webinar (recorded): RE-ORG: Step-by-step Storage Reorganization for Small Museums

Recorded: Wednesday, 5 August 2015. Duration: Approximately 1 hour 10 minutes. By Connecting to Collections Care, UNESCO, RE-ORG, ICCROM and Canadian Conservation Institute (CCI).

Video: Ponencia “El edificio un enfoque integral para prevenir el deterioro del patrimonio cultural.”

Impartido por la Dra. Nieves Valentín Rodrigo del Instituto del Patrimonio Cultural de España, durante el Simposio de Biodeterioro y Patrimonio organizado por la Coordinación Nacional de Conservación del Patrimonio Cultural, Mexico.

Webinar recorded: “Mold!” with Tara Kennedy.

By Connecting to Collections Care.

Webinar recorded: “After Disasters: Salvage and Recovery in Small to Mid-Sized Museums and Libraries” with Susan Duhl.

By Connecting to Collections Care.

Video: U.S. National Archives – Magna Carta Conservation Treatment

During conservation treatment at the National Archives, revealed previously illegible writing through ultra-violet photography. This Inside the Vaults video short follows the National Archives’ senior conservators Terry Boone and Morgan Zinsmeister as they remove old repairs, fill areas of loss with conservation paper, and humidify and flatten the document during its conservation treatment, the first phase of its re-encasement and public display. The document, written on parchment in 1297 with iron gall ink, is one of 17 surviving versions of Magna Carta in the world today and the only copy in North America. It is currently loaned to the National Archives by owner David M. Rubenstein, co-founder of The Carlyle Group in Washington, D.C., and is the only privately owned copy. Inside the Vaults includes highlights from the National Archives in the Washington, DC, area and from the Presidential libraries and regional archives nationwide. These shorts present behind-the-scenes exclusives and offer surprising stories about the National Archives treasures.

Video and recordings: Seminário Internacional “Gestão Estratégica de Recursos Patrimoniais” 

14 Maio 2015, Lisboa.

Webinar: “Dealing with Temperature & Moisture Extremes in Your Environment”

by Image Permanence Institute

Video: Exquisite Threads English Embroidery 1600s–1900s.

National Gallery of Victoria. We interviewed our Curators and Conservation team about the history and detail behind the Exquisite Threads exhibition. Now showing at NGV International

Webinar recording: Moving Image Preservation 101.

Presenter: Siobhan C. Hagan. By Association for Library Collections & Technical Services (ALCTS).

Webinar: Best Practices for Data Collection and Analysis.

By Image Permanence Institute (IPI).

Miscellaneous Articles & News

Publication: Permanence of Paper for Publications and Documents in Libraries and Archives

An American National Standard. Developed by the National Information Standards Organization Approved October 26, 1992 by the American National Standards Institute. Reaffirmed January 4, 2010.

Publication: “Los Desastres en Archivos y Bibliotecas: Causas y Efectos, Protección y Recuperación.”

By Javier Tacón Clavaín. Universidad Complutense de Madrid – Biblioteca Histórica “Marqués de Valdecilla.”

Publication: “La Valoración Como una Herramienta Necesaria para la Gestión de Riesgos de las Colecciones.”

By David Cohen.

Obituary: Laura Mora (1923 – 2015), ICRROM.

Article: “First Aid and Risk Preparedness for Cultural Heritage in Libya – Building national capacities.”


Article: “First Aid to Nepal’s Cultural Heritage – From Recovery to Risk Reduction.”


Publication available for purchase: “Adhesive Compendium for Conservation.”

By the Canadian Conservation Institute (CCI).

Publicación: GE Conservación 2015: Número 7. Ge-conservación es una publicación periódica del GEIIC cuyo objetivo es contribuir al desarrollo científico, a la difusión y al intercambio de los conocimientos en materia de conservación y restauración del Patrimonio Cultural.

Publicación: Conservación Preventiva para todos.

By Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia (INAH). México.

Publication: Conservación Preventiva y Plan de Gestión de Desastres en Archivos y Bibliotecas.

By Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte, Gobierno de España.

Blog: Historical Book Models and their Relevance to Conservation Studies

Posted by Scott W Devine.

Blog: ¿Que nos deja la historia de la Conservación en Argentina?

Por: Silvio Goren.

Article: Patrimonio documental de Honduras en riesgo latente.

El Heraldo, Honduras.

Article: El Ayuntamiento de Madrid tritura por error el testamento de Carlos III y todo el padrón municipal.

Article: El Ayuntamiento de Madrid justifica la destrucción de miles de documentos depositados en contenedores frente a su sede.

El Diario, España.

Article: ICCROM forms an international alliance to assist in Nepal’s cultural recovery.

Publications available for purchase at Canadian Conservation Institute

Blog: Did you miss the WIKI Workshop in Miami, Florida in May?

Samantha Springer wrote a nice overview on the AIC Blog, Conservators Converse.

Article: Analog Prints Aren’t Analog Anymore.

By DP3 Digital Print Preservation Portal, from IPI.

Article: ICCROM shares and supports the strong statement of UNESCO’s Director-General, Dr Irina Bokova, condemning the destruction of archaeological heritage as videotaped at the Mosul Museum and at the site of the Nergal Gate by ISIL militants.

Article: The Ecole du Patrimoine Africain (EPA), jointly established by ICCROM and the University of Abomey-Calavi in Porto Novo, has enjoyed a positive start to 2015.

“Política de Segurança para Arquivos, Bibliotecas e Museus”

by Museu de Astronomia e Ciências Afins. Rio de Janeiro. 2006.

Other Resources:

Documentos: Tercer Boletín: nuevos 37 documentos descargables, gratis!

By Fundación ILAM.

Project: World Wide Photographic Preservation Projects.

A project using Google hopes to map worldwide photographic preservation projects in order to strengthen photographic preservation efforts across the world. This Google map is designed to record our progress in working collaboratively and across boarders to preserve the world’s photographic heritage. As a tool, this map is designed to inspire and facilitate future international collaborations in education and training, collection assessments, conservation treatment, research, digitization and much more.

Resource: The Archives Damage Atlas – A Tool for Assessing Damages.

It was created by the National Archives of the Netherlands. It is an excellent tool that includes images of mold and pest damages to archival collections made on paper-based materials and parchment containing corrosive media.

Resource: Resources for digital-photographic documentation using UV lighting: “Target UV & UV Gray Card”

by Image Science Associates.

Resource: Storage Recommendations for Digitally-printed Photographs, Fine Art, Documents and Books.

By DP3 Digital Print Preservation Portal, from IPI.

Resource: “CLC publica em português Manual de Gestão de riscos de desastres para o Patrimônio Mundial”.

Está disponível, em português, o Manual Gestão de riscos de desastres para o Patrimônio Mundial (Managing Disaster Risks for World Heritage), traduzido e publicado pelo Centro Lucio Costa (CLC). Elaborado em 2010, o documento originalmente escrito em inglês e francês, é o segundo da série publicada pelo Centro do Patrimônio Mundial da UNESCO e organismos consultivos (ICCROM, ICOMOS e UICN).

“Preservation Policy for Institutional CollectIONS.”

Co-ordinated by: Museu de Astronomia e Ciências Afins – CNPq/MCT and Museu da República – IPHAN/MinC.

“Informes del Programa de Investigación para la Conservación Preventiva y Régimen de Acceso de la Cueva de Altamira (2012-2014).”

By Instituto del Patrimonio Cultural de España.

“First aid for water damage” (for film and tapes)